I ♥‿♥ Syngonium

A sampling of one of my favourite genus, the bohemian Syngonium Podophylum – also known as an Arrowhead. They just have this grow anywhere, anyhow vibe. They do fine in bright indirect light, or relatively low light.

A bonus feature for beginners, is they are rather forgiving, propagate like a weed, and don’t require anything fancy. Sure, they’d love a bit more humidity than most, but if you have a north, east or west facing window in a kitchen, or bathroom… they’ll grow like a weed.

However, that said, they don’t mind low light whatsoever – they just don’t grow quite as fast, which is not necessarily a bad thing with this plant… seriously.

I usually propagate mine in water, and to be honest left them there for months and months. Love looking at their entangled roots, as they can thrive in water for quite a while.

I find them to be rather chill… no divas in the bunch. Kind of akin to some of the weeds that grow in cracks in sidewalks and barren ground, they just bump along, doing their thang with very little.

Also, most of them are considered common, and can often be found quite easily, and for a decent price.

And, most of them are vining, or will eventually. So you can let them hang, or climb up a pole, or your wall, cause they will. I think they like brick, and with their aerial roots they’ll cling on and take off, with little encouragement.

Needless to say, in some areas with warmer climes, they are considered to be a rather invasive weed. Here in the Great White North, inside my little low light cozy abode… they thrive.

And, as a borderline plant addict, whenever I get the urge for something new, I just grab a couple of my props and plant them together.

So, there you have it, love them, want more, and I could quite easily have a jungle of just them. ❤

7 thoughts on “I ♥‿♥ Syngonium

    1. Oh, me too. I try to acquire plants that don’t really need that bright indirect light, or need a growlight. My north windows are great for some, but there is only so much real estate in front of the window.

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