Fear-mongering Politics

How To Mute The Trolls Of Chaos

Recently I muted Trump on twitter. Now whenever there is a tweet that quotes his tweet, I see a lovely banner reading “this tweet is unavailable”… awwwweee. The awesome sense of just a bit of control, of not having to see his ridiculous words, I mean, seriously, what could I possibly be missing? Nothing good […]


Baby, Let’s Wag That Dawg Some More

Now, back in the W.Bush era, and he’s rallying the troops, and Senate, House, whoever it was, to go along with his desire, em, obsession more like, of finishing what his daddy started in Iraq. So here we are post-9/11 and I have no TV and hadn’t had one since around the opening months of […]


Lessons From The Ides Of March

Perhaps spurred on in part by a recent post from a journalist’s blog I have followed for a while, Broadside, in which she was speaking of this chaos, this morass of media that surrounds us, confusing us, at every turn. It’s been like a tsunami of distant proportions has taken over, as if chaos is […]