How To Mute The Trolls Of Chaos

Recently I muted Trump on twitter. Now whenever there is a tweet that quotes his tweet, I see a lovely banner reading “this tweet is unavailable”… awwwweee. The awesome sense of just a bit of control, of not having to see his ridiculous words, I mean, seriously, what could I possibly be missing? Nothing good comes from any of his words.

But, not that easy to ignore all together. On one side are the journalists, the investigative ones out in the wild digging for the truth regardless of where it may be found, or how, or what that truth may be, or what it may mean, they persist. On the other are those with an agenda, who know they are lying, are not blind to the BS they spew, and they do it for no reason other than maybe they fear him, or just old white men who fear their power waning. Of course, let us not forget they do it just to feed their greed, maybe their desire for power, or both.

Should we mute that barrage of their BS and baseless claims, conspiracies, blatant lies, tired tropes, hypocrisy so obvious that we sit there in open mouth awe at them?

“Lies–and again lies–it amazes me, the amount of lies we had told to us this morning.”

“There are more still to discover,” said Poirot cheerfully.”

Agatha Christie

Like a strong current coming in to flood our judgment as the Impeachment Inquiry moves full steam ahead, they send off course all those with weak moorings, all those who have almost had enough, those who can take no more, yes, these lies are for you and me.

The truth is leaking out from all over Washington, as D.C. experiences a truth telling; a rare thing in that storied city. We watch as seasoned professionals who have worked in the Capital for decades step forth and say their piece. Those of the right-wing bellow and change their course, change the stories they tell of convoluted conspiracies so entangled as to wonder how anyone could possibly believe them.

Yet, there are those that do. Try as I might to understand why, some do. And from the top down, starting with the commander of chaos himself.

Maybe though the simple plebs believe it because to do otherwise would be sacrosanct to turning their back on that crowd that surrounds them? The GOP has in some factions of the United States taken hold so thoroughly that there are those that believe to think otherwise would be too difficult. That actually paying attention to that niggling in their gut that has been telling them something for a while, to actually look deeply at who is criticizing this president, to really take a listen to what is being said would be impossible, or seem impossible.

It is not so easy to turn away from everyone you know and look at something so polarized in a different way, look at that man in a way that goes against the crowd. That sort of insight and strength of character takes more than what many in that heartland of America have left in them, and their GOP masters know it. Fearfully seeing the things they thought were so, for the first time see that falsehood born of ideals crafted by con artists with ulterior motives? To have been bamboozled for decades? To be the mark for a conman? Yes, a step to far.

Atleast once a day I yell at this rectangle… YOU F@$K’n IDIOT. Foul, foul things come forth from my coffee stained lips, smoking a cylinder of sin, reading another sycophant or his spawn or pawn spout another of their spew of lies.

Which is exactly what they want. They want those who know the truth becoming so blinded by our rage that we scare their most loyal MAGAts into believing whatever they say, or do.

SEE they say… look at how deranged they are?

Once I understood who it is Trumps loyal mouthpieces are actually speaking to, and why, it became a bunch clearer, easier, less filled with rage.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”

Walter Scott, Marmion

They want to spark that rage that lies within us, ignite the fire and fury at this man who has so defiled the Oval Office. Basically, they are all trolls. They spout trollish things for the pleasure of watching the lefty libtard go bonkers. Our devices deliver us these snack-sized fictitious narratives, delivered to us in quick succession, with no time to process. We REACT, and once that happens we are the rube, the mark.

These trolls, like Matt Gaettz, and KellyAnne, and Guilliani, Mulvaney, McCarthy, they say and do and act and behave in order to keep those balls of bullshyte in the air, to ensnare, to feed the mad libtard.

Once we understand that they are not really talking to their base, no no, they are talking to US, it loses some of its power to overwhelm. Those stupidly blatant lies are for us, for WE THE PEOPLE that are not in their little cult, for the ones who haven’t been conned.

These scenes, like the bunch that stormed the SCIF and ordered pizza, the blatant fabrications, the misdirection on impeachment, on their seeming blind loyalty, this is a role, a character, playing the sycophant to get a rise in those of us who know the truth of it.

Its kind of like a sleight of hand trick, distract the eye, the mind, distort reality.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

adolf hitler

And the right-wing media repeat the same lies, again, and again, and again. That repetition becomes like a chant. I swear, some are locked up so thoroughly that they WANT this commander of chaos to be this great white hope. They want him to be it, so they believe anyone who says he is. Nodding in agreement amongst their own kind, secure behind their walls of ignorance and fear, they are immune because they drank the koolaid.

We wonder how on earth they can believe this crap. Yet, for some, to do otherwise would at this point be just a bridge too far. It would mean, within the places they reside, it would mean being different. To say anything against the dear leader? That is dangerous in their world.

And you know, that fear is exactly why those disgusting Jim Crow laws existed in the south, and for as long as they did. That fear is why so many souls were hung from trees, why crosses burned on front lawns, why so many got away with murder.

Fear is a powerful tool for manipulating the masses.

I’ve often wondered what if thousands upon thousands of individuals stood outside the buildings were the Impeachments are held, or the Courts of Law, outside GOP offices in their districts, silently staring at the buildings, like sentinels, watching them. Saying nothing, doing nothing, just silent gangs of WE THE PEOPLE.

Perhaps with signs reading WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

And for this administration the truth is their worst fear.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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