Right-Wing Radicalization On Social Media Platforms

How To Mute The Trolls Of Chaos

Recently I muted Trump on twitter. Now whenever there is a tweet that quotes his tweet, I see a lovely banner reading “this tweet is unavailable”… awwwweee. The awesome sense of just a bit of control, of not having to see his ridiculous words, I mean, seriously, what could I possibly be missing? Nothing good […]


When Politics Trumps Patriotism

Now just so you know, I haven’t always been political, couple decades ago I was one of those blissful unaware sorts, with little to no knowledge of policies or pundits, parties of left or right, I was completely uninterested. Then, I don’t know, I guess it really started after 9/11, and having had no TV […]


Right-Wing Rabbit Holes In Plain Sight

“No wonder that actual children become so anesthetized that they are content with the pseudo-stimuli of television, so that by adolescence they have to shoot up to feel. They sit in class without motivation, walk the streets in sullen rage, and seek desperately for sensuous transcendence in sounds, speeds and sex for an alternative script […]