Finding Happiness

How I Lost My Smile To Find Myself

Behind those lies we tell, the hair dye we buy, the makeup we wear, the clothes that hide our flabby bits, the shoes that define us, the cars that please our hierarchical lizard brains, still remains the real us, the actual naked self we truly are, inside, outside or upside down who we are self. […]


i am

i realized just now i want i want i want but not now. now i want to revel in meadows and taken by the wind down parkways that wind alongside that river all on my own.


Where The Painful Things Go

The things that you find when ya ain’t AT ALL looking for them, geesh. My closet door wouldn’t close, and kept creaking and coming open. So I had to take these boxes out, and re-arrange them. In one of the boxes is Tim’s records, notes, receipts etal from that year and some – ephemera from […]