Ideas That Made Me Less And How I Changed That

I really have no idea exactly when it happened, this new truth, this sense, of knowing, of freedom from longing for it since high school, this completion. I was reminded of this though, last night and again this morning, of a shift that has taken place. That one, you know, the one. The Richard Bach ONE, of names intermingling, of new perspectives, new ideas, that … Continue reading Ideas That Made Me Less And How I Changed That

A Blessed Bench Of Boredom

The last couple of months I have wandered about, picking at the fringes, ran my eyes across a multitude of words, nourished my brain with histories of civilizations and empires, in search of ‘it’. I suppose it is hard to find ‘it’ when you have no idea what ‘it’ is. I hesitate to define this sense as depression, if only because I believe that word … Continue reading A Blessed Bench Of Boredom

An Epicurean Way

To Sue, he is ‘Uncle Dick. To her daughter he’s D3. To me, he is Crossroad.Man. I don’t even know what to think. You know, I’ve been writing this post for a week now. And every day something changed. Kept going back, re-editing, changing my approach, dancing, dancing. Around. As the script changed. Lets not get into the details, really. Certainly the details are significant. … Continue reading An Epicurean Way

The 3rd Law Of Life After Death

It wasn’t that long ago I could barely browse through those photos from my days in Grey. Like getting lost in some gigantic labyrinth, once on the otherside you can’t help but be changed. I experienced the layer of loss death provides, and its hard not to  acknowledge the lessons inherent in death, and dying. Not our own, so much as our experiences as we move … Continue reading The 3rd Law Of Life After Death

City Through The Trees

Getting Lost In Possible Horizons

Sitting at the stoop I suck on my cylinders-of-sin, appreciating the spectacular, the mundane, and I have embraced happiness once again. I read today the line “be happy for no reason, because then there is nothing to take“. I am impatient, as the distraction recently pointed out. So no at my door, nor text, nor one peep from that corner. The only regret I have … Continue reading Getting Lost In Possible Horizons