Merry Maudlin Monday w/Campfire Doug

Today I’m featuring one of my favourite local folk musicians, Campfire Doug. Armed usually with only his acoustic guitar, Doug’s music captures the open-air magic of the campfire. With the soul of a storyteller, his lyrics grapple with many of the injustices of this “big old goofy world”. It was Doug actually who introduced me to John Prine almost a decade ago now, at a campfire (of course). So please sit back and … Continue reading Merry Maudlin Monday w/Campfire Doug

Merry Maudlin Monday

Another Merry Maudlin Monday

This MERRY MAUDLIN MONDAY I decided I’d feature a musician. Loreena McKennitt could be said to be both merry as well as maudlin. She composes pieces about ancient trees in Ireland being cut down, Lady’s in distress, and arranges Shakespeare,  Tennyson and Blake into music. In concert once she said inspiration for one of her pieces came whilst “flipping through Norton’s Anthology of Literature”. On … Continue reading Another Merry Maudlin Monday