A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail

Me again. I do believe you are the proud Mother of a work spectacle. Yes, indeed. The side-ways glances, the smiles, the awkward silences. And I’m not imagining it. I was of course worried this morn about the aftermath of Monday, after my melt down. I had left early in a crying, bawling mess, and had come like millimeters away from quitting my job. So … Continue reading A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail

My Life In A Call Centre

To date, much of what I’ve written concerning the Call Centre world has been somewhat derogatory. To be sure, there are many aspects of the environment that…well…to put it bluntly…suck. That said, there are aspects that do not. Lets start with the fact that out of the hundreds of applications and resumes I sent out last summer, they are the only people who ONE, called … Continue reading My Life In A Call Centre

Worn Velvet and Butterfly Farts

You ever get that feeling that you’re insignificant? Some days I’m the master of my domain, and god help anyone who gets in my way. Other days? Well, other days, not so much. Amidst the normalcy that encompassed my upbringing, I managed to gain a certain sense of self-importance. Go figure. It’s all about this silly notion that my needs and desires are worthy of … Continue reading Worn Velvet and Butterfly Farts