5 things you didn’t know about me … but now you do (well… i guess only if you read this)

  1. I LOVE the ham & cheese submarine sandwiches they sell in gas stations. I love the taste of the gooey processed fake cheese. I adore the questionable fake ham. The smell as I’m heating it up in the microwave…those 2 minutes are torture. I love how it melts out everywhere and if you don’t eat ALL the cheese it will be too hard and cardboardy to chew in no time at all.
  2. I’m really not very domestic. Now, what you so far know of my eating habits that may come as a shock. Yet, I actually find all domestic tasks annoying, banal & torturous. I really some days wish I was more materialistic, it would be good for me. I could maybe hire staff.

March 2008 –  drunken break on the friends marble floor cast.
  1. I have broken 6 bones. First when I was 5 when some rotten little boy pushed me down an ice ill and I broke my right wrist (cast). Next when I was 13 playing soccer (snapped like a twig, had a sling and went on the class trip like that, which sucked). Then my thumb in high school playing football, so I had to do my final exams orally…that one rocked. Next in 1994 or so was my foot the night I graduated college and I was drunk (chip, no cast). Next was my big toe doing laundry. Slipped on a piece of cardboard, tripped on the concrete floor and jammed my big toe into the floor. OUCH (chip, no cast). Next was the one in the picture, was drunk and slipped on a friends marble foyer and snapped my left wrist (cast). Next was 3 years ago – slipped on deck and broke my thumb again. This time I really did a good job and smashed the knuckle and had to wear a cast. Have no use of your dominate hand really sucks when your in your 40’s. Not great at 5, but really really sucks at 42. Oh, good grief, thats not 6, its what….7? 8? I am very klutzy.
  • I hate uncooked Tomatoes. Blah…would rather eat peas. Hate Tomato juice, clam juice. Blah….and double blah. Love tomato soup though. Love red sauce. Took me awhile to like them cooked in stew, but I can usually gag down most of them.  Mom said she craved tomatoes of all kinds (raw, cooked, right from the ketchup bottle) when she was pregnant with me. So I wonder if I just had enough of them in the womb.

  • I hate being the centre of attention. I like being in the background, back-room, computer room, dark-room. But at the front of the room? Nope. So therefore awards and anything that requires me to be in any way marked out…freaks me out. Now, I LOVE creating things, and I enjoy when what I do engages someone.  But I’m likely to be a tad shy when you call my name to receive it. :)

  • So there …. 5 things you didn’t know about me … but now you do.

    9 thoughts on “5 things you didn’t know about me … but now you do (well… i guess only if you read this)

    1. Wow, these are really unusual characteristics. For some reason, I can’t imagine you sitting out in your beautiful gardens eating one of those processed “sandwiches.”
      You might want to think about the connection between the fake cheese and the broken bones. haha


      1. :) I know….. Alas ones desires must be tempered by logic…so it has become a rare “treat”. I guess I just love cheese, fake or otherwise. Now if I had a piece of good ol’ 12 year old canadian cheddar in front of me and a gas station sub…hands down…the real thing is like chocolate to me.


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