Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

As an avid bird watcher for me the most pronounced herald of the change of seasons is a change in the bird population. Both the colour of, and the type of birds changes throughout the year.

Canada Geese - Fall
Canada Geese – Fall
Grouse - Fall
Grouse – Fall
November - Evening Grosbeak
In November this year some Evening Grosbeak stopped by on their way south.  Lots of reports throughout Ontario on my birding group.
December 9 - Redpolls
December 9 – Redpolls have been here since mid November.
Winter - Cardinal & Goldfinch
Winter – Cardinal & Goldfinch – both are year-round visitors.
Winter - Chickadee
Winter – Chickadee – another year-round bird. Hardy souls; you will see them even in the worst weather.
Early Spring - Goldfinch changing colour
Early Spring – Goldfinch changing colour – you can just see it around the neck a little.
Spring - Goldfinch
Spring – Goldfinch – here you can really start to see the change. By July they are bright little canary-like things, flitting about in HUGE flocks. Very raucous and playful birds.
June - Turkey Vulture
June – Turkey Vulture
Summer - Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Summer – Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Summer - Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Summer – Ruby-throated Hummingbird – you know its time to put away the sandals when the Hummers leave for the year.

This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge


  1. heartflow2013

    You are so lucky – the Cardinal comes your way! Beautiful! Lately I’ve had a couple of black-backed woodpeckers coming for the suet – a rare guest down here near sea level. The Birds are all my friends! Thanks for your great photos!


    1. PaulaB

      Bird activity is instinctive. They are keyed to a more primal rhythm and are a more accurate signal. As a gardener its something that interests me. Well, plus they are fascinating.


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