I walk on tear drops from a thousand eyes,
as ancient as the core of a mountain.
With gentleness profound and earthly,
I feel the subtle shifts of a mind.
In brief moments of disbelief,
I see into a thousand tomorrows’.
Forever concealing the nature of their existence,
I shelter the secrets of those many hearts.
In flesh or dust,
Through centuries or millenniums,
I will keep the silence of them all.
I am the air, the trees, the rock and water.
I am the hearts future,
and the souls tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Spiritwalker

  1. Definitely channeled something larger than us all here, Paula. Oh to be able to “feel the subtle shifts of mind.” Beautiful. The first line is a poem in itself.


    1. Thank you….you ever write something and afterwards you look at it, even just 24 hrs later, and go “did I write that?”….but there it is, your writing with all the corrections and all….that’s what Spiritwalker is….a girlfriend once told me she believes I channeled it. Could be…or from some primal collective unconscious :)


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