Pines in winter white

a winter light

Within this land of white
the pines creak in the twilight
And I miss thee.

In this frozen squall
within our footprints I fall
towards the shadow.

As it flutters free
of the cedar tree
I see.

Winter Sunset

5 thoughts on “a winter light

    1. Thankyou, here at the lake – last night at dusk… the sun broke through and the whole sky went this tangerine orange as it was setting.


    2. Oops..forgot people come from all over the world…up near Georgian Bay/Collingwood Ontario region …if you know the area it’s outside the Beaver Valley


      1. No, I don’t, but I just looked it up on google maps.
        I’ve always wanted to visit Canada someday because the landscape is so beautiful – I’m from Northern Germany by the way:)


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