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Tickle My Fancy – I hear Voices

When I came up with this idea last week my thinking was this will be easy…choose a blogger or re-blog a post you like – simple. HA. Right. Simple.

NOT so simple I found out this week. The whole idea actually this week seemed rather arrogant. Who am I to feature a blogger, when some of the bloggers I might want to feature will no doubt have a ton more followers than me.

So I hesitated this morning, but as you can read, I decided I’d just go for it. Temenos is not just about my sanctuary, it also represents for me a place of sharing as much as receiving.

I have had the idea for this post since Monday when I read the following on Warrior Writers – by Kristen Lamb

Writers are gods over the worlds we create. Some of us might be tiny gods, dreadful gods, absent gods, benevolent gods, generous gods, engaged gods, preoccupied gods, deadbeat gods, untalented gods, visionary, inspiring, or resourceful gods, but, to be gods, we must all have our distinctive God Particle known as our “voice.”

“GOD PARTICLE” as she names it, dove-tails nicely in with the idea I had for this Thursday feature. Yet still I struggled though because who? Who out of the myriad of post I read this week “voice” spoke to me? LOTS and LOTS. So rather than one feature blogger…I’m going to point you in the direction of three bloggers this week whose “voice” spoke to me. SO this week its more of a love in of sorts I guess :-)

Janine‘s voice, her beautiful haiku poems speak to me. A lovely haiku a day is the premise. I find haiku beautiful, yet I am just learning how to create these subtle & lovely poems.

I also wanted to point you over to PoeticPonderings . I found his blog intriguing and his voice is fresh and vibrant.

Then yesterday Life & Ink’s post touched me deeply. Her’s is the voice of a Mom. Not just any Mom, but a Mom with a child with Aspergers. I’ve sat here since reading it trying to pin point what exactly it is that touched me exactly about this particular post…and than I realized it was really very simple…her voice reminded me a little of my Mom. I can’t even say what exactly; maybe her voice is the voice of all Mom’s out there who struggle day to day.

Going forward I don’t know if I’m going to continue this “featured blogger”. The whole premise was supposed to be easy since my life is going to get alot more complicated in the months to come. I like the idea of commenting on bloggers who’s post touched me though…so with some tweeking I may bring back the concept, just change it up a bit. Stay tuned. Might change my mind again next week…like “a tea towel in the wind” Mom always said, never know if I’ll hang on or just come loose and go where the wind takes me. ;-) As my tagline says “I seek therefore I am”.

Tickle my Fancy Thursday


    1. PaulaB

      :) There is some good stuff out there…and when I find it…why not. Don’t think it will be every week though….but,hey, when I see em I want to share.


  1. Life&Ink

    Awww Paula, you are so kind! Thanks so much for including me in your post. Wow! This is one more terrific event I have been fortunate enough to experience in this wonderful world of blogging. I am so glad to be getting to know you and to be able to go along with you on your journey.


    1. PaulaB

      I feel the same. You have no idea how much…I would really be the crazy lady I joke about if not for my blogging network of friends…and my family too. Heck being stuck so far away from everything…if not for the internet, lets say, I would be just plain Crazy. :)

      Also… I had a girlfriend at my last job who’s son had Asbergers and I think he was autistic, and had some other learning difficulties…since than I’ve always sort of kept an eye out for anything about either. I am now even wondering if Tim had Asbergers…I recently read where many adults have found out because of their childs diagnosis. But again, I enjoy your blog, and that post just touched me – you are a good Mom.


      1. Life&Ink

        Thanks Paula. I believe many people to be somewhere on the autism spectrum, diagnosed or not. Moreover, I believe just having an awareness that people are different and respond to things differently than we do can go so far in how we get along with each other. Okay, now the crazy thing. Embrace crazy! Crazy is creative. Crazy if liberating and as Jimmy Buffett sings in my favorite song I used in the post, My Gift is My Song… “if we weren’t all crazy, we’d go insane.”

        Have fun today!


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