Sunset & Bird Feeder

Photo Essay | Winter in Fairyland





IMG_0127-003IMG_0159-001 IMG_0006-001IMG_0100 IMG_0096-003 IMG_0019-001 IMG_0029-003 IMG_0037-002 IMG_0007-002 IMG_0008-001IMG_0169-001


  1. Life&Ink

    As my grandma used to say, “Those sure are purdy!” Love the red cottage in the snow. Wonderful how it just pops out and of course, the birdie, how can you not love an image of a cute, little bird! :-)


    1. PaulaB

      :) had to add a couple birdies…I’m using the one with the cathedral trees, 2nd from the bottom, as my desktop…for some reason I’m finding it inspiring {took it couple days ago}. Makes me think of a big choir harmonizing.


  2. janineyork

    It is hard to pick a favorite, there are so many that I love. I think if I must it would be the magenta lining of the clouds outside the deck looking over the water. Wow, just wow!


      1. janineyork

        You are in paradise my friend. Being present is where it is at, and the lens makes you appreciate! Thank you for taking me with you on your journey again, I needed it yesterday as well.


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