A Garden | Pictures and Words

I’ve found this garden to have improved me. There have been a multitude of lessons learned on my knees at this lovely Lake Garden. It was a mentor I will not forget, nor will I deny myself again the simple pleasures a garden offers.

The Path

For many gardeners the garden becomes a place of refuge ~ a private, even sacred spot where the cycle of the seasons is the only clock and time unfolds in a natural and unhurried way.Diana Ajjan

Gardening gives me fun and health and knowledge. It gives me laughter and colour. It gives me pictures of almost incredible beauty.John F. Kenyon

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, in the poor man’s garden grow far more than herbs and flowers ~ kind thoughts, contentment, peace of mind, and joy for weary hours. Mary Howitt

Quotes from: GARDENING NOTES AND QUOTES a Helen Exley Giftbook

9 thoughts on “A Garden | Pictures and Words

  1. I miss my garden. When I had a house in St Louis I had a garden. Now I’m back to apartment living, so I just have a few plants inside. My life-savor plant is in here. I tend to my poinsettia like it’s my best friend…I guess it kind of is.


    • I hear ya there – that will be me soon enough. I always remind myself that “what is for me will not pass me by” … and so me and Fred (and his many friends I’ve gathered) filter out the dirty air … and give me that “fix” I need. 😉


  2. My garden is my sacred spot. I find many hours of spiritual awakening in the beauty and peace of it. I love the birds and the butterflies. I love the aromas of the herbs and flowers. The work put in and the feeling of bringing something of beauty to life through my own hand and nurturing. Your garden is beautiful, one to be truly proud of. So so beautiful!


    • Thank you. As I said to Tim’s Dad, it was as much a tribute to Tim’s Mom (who’s garden this was originally & died in 2006) as it was an act of purely selfish gains. I look forward once I’m closer to my sister helping her with the gardens back at the Homestead.


  3. What a beautiful garden! Is this what you have behind your house? If so, how in the world do you fight the temptation to stay outside all of the time? People would have to fight me to get me to come inside. Gorgeous – a true refuge!


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