In The Seven Woods

I have heard the pigeons of the Seven Woods Make their faint thunder, and the garden bees Hum in the lime-tree flowers; and put away The unavailing outcries and the old bitterness That empty the heart. I have forgot awhile Tara uprooted, and new commonness Upon the throne and crying about the streets And hanging its paper flowers from post to post, Because it is alone of all things happy. I am contented, for I know that Quiet Wanders laughing and eating her wild heart Among pigeons and bees, while that Great Archer, Who but awaits His hour to shoot, still hangs A cloudy quiver over Pairc-na-lee.

August 1902

Written by: William Butler Yeats

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I've found this garden to have improved me. There have been a multitude of lessons learned on my knees at this lovely Lake Garden. It was a mentor I will not forget, nor will I deny myself again the simple pleasures a garden offers.
The Path

For many gardeners the garden becomes a place of refuge ~ a private, even sacred spot where the cycle of the seasons is the only clock and time unfolds in a natural and unhurried way.Diana Ajjan

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Gardening gives me fun and health and knowledge. It gives me laughter and colour. It gives me pictures of almost incredible beauty.John F. Kenyon

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Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Yes, in the poor man's garden grow far more than herbs and flowers ~ kind thoughts, contentment, peace of mind, and joy for weary hours. Mary Howitt

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Quotes from: GARDENING NOTES AND QUOTES a Helen Exley Giftbook