The Deer And I

She stood so still, I wasn’t sure at first if I was seeing things or not. I can’t see so well anymore far away. Something inside me said it was a living thing, standing there on the other side of the field of corn. I took this first photo not sure if I was photographing an old pile of scrap wood, or a big beautiful doe. Then her ear moved. She was aware of me, and I of her.

We I think became aware of each other at the same time. We were drawn together. I had to see if I could maybe get just a bit of a tiny smidge closer to her. So I crossed the road, taking the chance I might spook her.

As I crossed the road a car started to come up the hill. I ignored it and just kept looking at her. Don’t go, I was thinking. Please. Just one more photograph.

Self preservation is all about being cautious, so she began to trot towards the woods.

And then she was gone.

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