Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Mornings hold promises – maybe a fresh beginning, a change in the weather, or a new opportunity to learn something new, or meet someone new, or perhaps the very blessing of getting to wake up.
The coffee in hand, next stop is my little stoop for my morning cylinder of sin.
Once java’d up and awake, Irish begins her morning dance…the dance leads out the door, across the road and off to hunt the snark (or squirrels) we go.

Inspired by: the Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

    1. Yes, Irish is still on leash…because if she wasn’t she’d be running around like a crazy dog after all the squirrels in this neighbourhood. And I love this young Gingko tree…another reason I love this neighbourhood, is that the locals are in LOVE with their trees…trees here do not get cut down unless there is no way to save them. A spruce was recently hacked down a month ago…and it made the paper, as the residents were fuming.


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