i have waited so long for thee

spring day
for beginnings, and
endings, shall set me free.
on the threshold
the path
this road I travel
tis toward the
space out of time
the breeze
the scent of me.
how shall I spend you?
this day. this
glorious day.

this day
this marvelous day
I will indulge
in the smell of you.

O spring day.

Cliché? Touché !!
but I do not care
for I am going
to enjoy this day.


I shall don my hat
and ply the paths
for they are a~plenty.

this day
this blue-sky day
with my blistered feet
bruised and battered
I will not
deny me

this day
hopped up on java
I escape
to the day
this delightful spring day

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