After A New Moon In Capricorn

Whenever I can I do try to go with the flow, find the positive, wherever it may lie in wait. I had wanted to switch, and tickety-boo, decided to change my pay-as-you-go phone to another carrier, figured why not? So it was decided, and bouncing out the door I went, feeling bright and clever.

Ate breakfast (toast) – check.

Left a little early (like wow) – check.

Bought new SIM – check.

Activate phone (of course, as soon as I get to work because by this point I’m buzzing with excitement at how clever I am) – check.

So I gently pry the back off the phone and pop the battery up with my fingernail. And what should appear before my eyes?


I am, I am a lunatic.

I was in almost complete and utter, almost, meltdown mode over this stupid SIM card, I looked everywhere outside of work last night. Like EVERYWHERE. Again and again and again. And it’s in the phone the entire time, under the battery, not on the side where I was looking, like an idiot, which was the microSD slot.

However, consider for a moment that this slot was something I didn’t even know about.

But before all that, it was quiet, but for the crunch of my boots, before I had become aware of my lunacy.

A Mother and Child emerge from the small woodland off to my left, heading towards the primary colours of the playground equipment distinct against the bitter white and blue of the sky, making my way this crisp bright day to work, blissfully unaware.


wpc :: in response to SILENCE

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