SIMS And Lice And That Distracting Device

My temper can be rather ballistic, when I’m not paying attention, when I’m just blasting off randomly in a rage, like after somehow or other losing my SIM card from my phone last night.

You know, one of the micro, minuscule black micro SD’s, which was the catastrophe to begin the last hours of my night.

Outside puffing, enjoying the brisk air (not), and see that D3 called and left a message, so I hit the thingy to dial-up so I can listen to his message.

Yeah, well, now because my phone is old it hesitates, thinks about it, as I try to press the numbers to the passcode. As I reach the third number, pauses, so the system doesn’t recognize the number when I try to press the next. I do this little song and dance again, fail, and it kicks me out.

So what do I do? In frustration, I shake the thing and hit the screen with my other hand, which knocks it on the ground. The stupid old piece of crap, wham, and off comes the back as it hits the concrete, it opens, it closes, and I quickly reach down to pick it up.

Try to hit the key to dial again, and it’s then that I see the message – NO SIM CARD – EMERGENCY USE ONLY.

So all fricken night I popped outside, looking around on the concrete, looking, looking.




At all, nothing at all. Gone.

The darn thing just flew out, I guess, sailed through the air and I have no idea where. How it did that, I have no clue as the little card was underneath the case back, so the only way it could have done that is if it just happened to hit the card as the case back got somehow knocked off. And how on earth it shut back up again, on its own, after the card flew out, I have not one clue. Bad luck. Just bad luck.

I hate phones, you know. Really hate talking on phones under any circumstances. Seems so disconnected. Difficult for me when I just hear people’s words, but can’t see their faces, their body movements, when I can not look them in the eye, or them me.

And I hate anything that distracts me from my normal routine. Clickity clack, clickity clack, goes the wheels of my day. Do this, then that, and off to work, home from work, open the door, close the door, whatever it may be, I’m clickity clacking away in the same way whenever I do ‘the thing’, whatever it may be. When I have to go off these contrived routines it sends me loopy, and I can’t think, feel stressed out, anxious.

Yeah, I know, some smarty pants therapist probably has a label they are itching to paste on my forehead, but those two-dimensional explanations bore me. Give me VR, give me the FIFTH dimension, the umpteenth dimension, 2D is for photographs and paintings, not humans and our intricate internal elements.

The poor creäture I was working with last night got a smidge of my bad mood, and she’s new and therefore I find her annoying. Thankfully the duty manager asked me if I wanted to leave early so I could check if the Kiosk at the Supercentre had a SIM. Well, yes I would as a matter of fact, so I don’t say something REALLY rotten to the poor thing.

Well, no, course not, the kiosk was closed up and empty. So I wandered the store instead, bought these two microwave rice sides, lunch for the next day.

After using the self-serve checkout, because generally out of the 20 billion registers they have only one of them ever open, and is always jammed with the contents of someone’s daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Given that self-serve is ALL THE WAY on the other side of the store, so I boomerang a complete cycle through the place, walking its length, both ways, paid and left, had to speak to nobody. Bliss.

And scrunched my way to the bus stop.

And I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and the bus is 2 maybe 3 minutes late. I’m being tortured with indefinably small needles, at every step. I take two buses, which makes me anxious in this cold, and wait for the next; which is also late.

Just the micro measly little things, like lice, that you can barely feel, but that add up, eventually, to a bad day. That was my day, it had lice. I will have to stray from my routine, deal with strangers I don’t know, and otherwise deal again, tomorrow.

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