My Favourite

My favourite. Favourite? That is hard.

Yet, after a bike ride round the village, and I came back sentimental to boot, I choose this one.

The object in question my oldest niece made, and I love it, it always makes me smile, so, that’s why I chose this one. Posted 4 years ago, it is a series of all the things I’ve found, or had by that day found, collected, bits and bobs of sentimental.

It is sad when things end, yet all the best stuff has to, and with endings always come new beginnings, of which I have an intimate understanding. And, gee wiz, but nothing lasts forever, and so in honour of the last WordPress Photo Challange, this is my all-time favourite.

Each of these objects means something, each has its own story. Each has a spot of honour, and each makes me smile. And, sure, I admit, each one does remind me of Tim, and his picker soul, yeah, and that’s a whole other can of worms.

originally published on February 1st, 2014 

~~ * ~~ ~~ * ~~ ~~ * ~~

I collect stories.
Intangible and dusty;
of memories, of you.




Inspired by: Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

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