the stick he left behind

Hell Hath No Fury Like When My Hosta’s Are Smashed

So, have I mentioned I hate humans? Hate might be a strong word, let’s say instead dislike. Why you ask? Well, because they can’t be trusted, have disloyal tendencies, self-interested, and you turn your back for one minute and they’re stealing your stuff and picking fights with one another, and right outside my door, trampling my garden, wrecked the Grandiflora Hosta, and left their friggin’ stick, covered in blood, and two sets of glasses that I think I may smash with my foot, also with blood spatter, and not from me, and I don’t know who, but good riddance.

humans suck

Went out earlier, rinsed off the sidewalk where the mud had been dragged and smushed about on the concrete, by way of feet that are no longer allowed anywhere near, me, where I live, and when I came out the door from going pee and saw that arsehole and the other guy trampling through my garden last night, in locked combat, I saw red. I grabbed onto his shirt and almost physically picked him up and threw him out the Fred Penner exitway, back through the Virginia Creeper from whence his despicable self came.

He was a boyfriend of a friend, after everyone but this other guy had left, last night, wrapping it up, he returned to have it out with him, I guess. Guy said he knew him from a while back when he caught him necking with his girlfriend, or something, they had history lets say, and this guy returned to have it out.

I was livid, I mean I literally almost picked up his sorry ex-biker ass and threw him, and if my 5 foot 2 and eyes of blue could have, god, does know, and would have helped along, seriously.

This morning I went out and cut the broken fronds of my ferns, straightened out the Creeping Jenny, pushing a piece here and there into the earth to take root, thinking all the while that I must make something good from this bullshite night, after trimming off the Hosta leaves, placing them all into the compost, gave it a whirl or two, sat back down on the step, the stoop, and cried. I was heartbroken to see the damage they had wrought, they, he, human.
humans suckI dislike them. I am wary of befriending them, just for the reason’s that transpired last eve, for the demons they drag along with them, angry bits and pieces they accidentally leave at your door, take things that don’t belong to them, like your sense of security, your good judgement, your much-maligned compassion, your friendship.

Think the dog is scared of me now, as she saw what my I ain’t taken your shit and get your friggen ass off my property self can do when it’s provoked.

I learned a little something too though, other than being more wary of humans, like I needed a reminder, but anywho, I learned that I am one blawdy hellcat when someone messes with my stuff, wrecks my garden let’s say, and I am all over ye with fury.

Today I am left with a swelled up left cheek that I have to explain away somehow for work, and thank Jesus and Joseph it’s a half shift and the next two days off, Hallelujah.

humans suck

P.S. just finished talking to the nice cop who showed up, who tried to call last night I guess but for some reason my phone didn’t tell me, old thing that it is, not surprising. Anyway’s, gave him their names, told him who the arsehole was, which should make for some good reading later on when he files his report. Told him I didn’t want him charged, that I was just reporting it, in case there are any later incidences, and gawd help me I don’t care to speculate, but anywho.

2 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury Like When My Hosta’s Are Smashed

  1. Oh, I am so sorry! What a horrible event to happen. I am very sorry about your plants.

    I am grateful you are fairly okay (?) from your fight for justice.

    My condolences.


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