All The Things I Haven’t Said

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I find that writing can be little like catching fastballs, or like me not catching them at all and watching them wiz by. I sit here sometimes and have all these words inside, jumping around like those weird Mexican jumping beans you used to be able to get at the corner store, but they just die or pass on perhaps to someone else, maybe those words were just always destined for someone else.

I keep putting this post on the shelf, started it days ago, before the midterms, before Tuesday night. I keep coming back, write a bit,  stammer incredulously,  watch another news vid that shows another stream of the 45th, and again I scream at the glowing rectangle, breath, and write a bit more.

Lately, it just seems that even those words that used to jump around inside are not as active, and I find my news watching has diminished markedly of late, especially over the midterms, cause it had me anxious and angry, and everything out of everyone’s mouths was focused in only that one direction. And the words and faces all began to look the same, saying the same things over and over again, day after day, no one knew what to think, or what would happen.

Kind of like America has been holding their breath, afraid to watch, listen, see, hear, believe, fearing the worst, hoping for the best, and on both sides of that widening divide, as that seems to be one of the few commonalities between the divisive right vs. left. 

Should be no surprise which side I’m on, and once again found myself yelling at this rectangle screen again this morning, again, at some inane thumping inane denial, or that stooge parroting tRumps  every word, that holy cow how moment, that slap in the face of his outright lies that some I guess gobble up like mana from the devil.

The wave was no tsunami, which it would have had to have been to overcome the corrupt voting practices in some states. Yet, it brought in millennials, women, diversity, and was history-making in its sweep, bringing new blood to the House, new ideas, directions.

Eventually, they will move the narrative in new directions. Eventually, this wave is the future.

First, though, we have the new acting AG stooge, protecting Mueller, more screaming at the glowing rectangle for me, but my writing of it will be far less. Smidges now and again I imagine, post here or there, but only after November, as I have a vision and story I’m working on this 30-day challenge with those drafts, and I have a ways to go, just so you know.

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