On To The 60th: what happens when you’re dancing to a Latin beat

I suppose one can get the impression with these kinds of little look backs that this me writing this has it all sorted, ducks in a row, and you would be wrong. Ducks might be paddlin’ in the same pond, but nope, not in a row. Absolutely, spectacularly not that organized. Although I will say, I’ve always somewhat eschewed order, in favour of a little chaos, a little wild.  I would describe myself today as further along, no longer that proverbial fool with my gunnysack dangling from a stick one foot about to walk right off the precipice. 

Now, remember when I said I was working in a Call Centre and wishing it would cave in on me to put me out of my misery? So, this happened next. 

lime green cast - thetemenosjournal.com

From July 21st, 2015. 

So Mom, wouldn’t surprise you, I suppose, to learn i broke my wrist.  So this is being typed with one finger via my Kobe…hunt and peck…tediously.

Should be fab-a-dabulus txter after this damn wrist heals.

Hence, the creation of irishkisses.WordPress.com…haiku & photos from my crappy camera, nupt up with this app, Pixlr.

So, can’t do my job…all hardcore mouse work, which hurts like heck. So off work, can’t wash the dishes, my hair, em, cannot get water on my cast…no fancy take-off model.

chillaxing in my garden - thetemenosjournal.com
doing a lot of this – July 2015

However, I got to choose the colour…so its lime green…under the premise, green signifies growth = mending bones.

And, how on earth did I do it this time you ask? Well, yes that is a story in itself, but due to the brevity touch typing encourages, no, requires, let us just say I got spun once too many, by a young amateur…and I fell.


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