They Smelt The Blood Of A Greedy Man

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Maybe sounds like self-righteous blather, but I’m not very materialistic, I don’t want things, actually I want less things. Sure, I want enough to live on, some for entertainment, good food, a nice roof over my head, but all that is relative, and frankly I also live very simply. I am attracted to simplicity, to found objects, to things that others discard, of family heirlooms with long stories, and content with far less than most. In short, you could say that I have developed an immunity to the materialistic must haves, the trendy, the acquirement of things to surround myself with in order to hide some deep-seated lack is just not my modus operandi.

I mean, seems as though everyone is out chasing money, chasing wealth, chasing riches, chasing tropical holidays and fancy cars, expensive makeup and chic clothing. Somehow I suppose it is like some quick fix, a shot of adrenaline to, I don’t know, buy some short-lived joy? Seriously, no idea really what the reason, but I just don’t have need for more and more and more, never really did.

Probably one of the reasons I have never really excelled in any sales job is besides not being competitive, to do well you gotta be hungry for more.

So, super wealthy people, those in that upper echelon of wealth, acquiring more and more and more, seem to me like some kind of heroin addict, speed feign, junkies on the take.

Somehow at some point these greedy guts make their way to the beltway, hunting the vultures and already corrupted, seeking those tasty newly arrived, so they can be turned to the dual forces of need and desire, those more than willing to throw all values and morality out the window; constitution, what? Those greedy legislators pandering to the moguls who desire them to serve their own self-interest, their profit margins, cause ya know, they know best… cause their rich, eh?

There is even a contingent of Trump supporters who believed, not sure they still do, but once believed him immune, cause, em, he was rich. As if. As if he was not out there just like the rest, hunting the fix, like an addict, wanting more and more and more.

Trump though tips those scales, is the ultimate greedy politician on crack, the very thing some said they didn’t want; supposedly didn’t want.

Well, hate to break it to them, but… {ahem} he’s the troll king of the corrupt politician.

My father was one of those, he said to me that was exactly why he liked him, cause he believed he was too rich to be bought.

I remember we were driving back from Dodge after a visit, just him and I in the car, and I responded to his approval of Trump with something or other about rich men and power and wanting more. After that brief exchange I just stared out the window in disbelief, sort of not wanting to get into it, too stunned. My own father? That naive? Why didn’t he see it? Of all people?

But, to be fair, it is a mindset I don’t really understand completely myself, I don’t get that level of greed anymore then he does, it just doesn’t compute.

My dad is not a wealthy man, and by far one of the humblest persons I know. To him, and I certainly am my fathers daughter, I believe at some point you are supposed to go out and enjoy your life, not just spend every waking hour acquiring more and more and more. Neither of us get that sort of thing. That impulse towards accumulating wealth, well, I guess like I seem to accumulate ferns in my woodland, but riches do not buy me happiness and joy.

However, I do know that sort of addictive greed exists, and know that for some there just will never be enough, that they just will always want more and more and more.

Is it a sickness? Mental health thing? I don’t know. I have always thought of it as a lack, or some sort of deep seeded need to stand on top of some pile of cash as if that alone makes someone better, or makes them ‘great’.

Perhaps the question we should ask candidates for such a lofty office as President of the United States, and really listen to their answers, is why they want that job. POTUS is a job that comes with certain perks that very few other elected figures in public office enjoy, have at their disposal more power than many world leaders, more influence certainly.

Although, since his election that man has been hellbent for leather to destroy that influence, and now some are saying the role of leader of the free world shifted back over the pond, and landed in the lap of Merkel in Germany.

The thrice-elected, soft-spoken former scientist from East Germany, armed with a doctorate in quantum chemistry, doesn’t just carry the weight of Germany and Europe on her shoulders, but that of defending freedom and liberalism across the world.

This is not an attempt to be provocative or exaggerate for effect. Donald Trump cannot claim the mantle of “leading” the free world by default. America’s military might is not the only criteria necessary.

INDEPENDENT | 1 February 2017

United States is basically a geopolitical disaster, and plays right into Russia’s hands. Playing around with trade wars, that basically in a nutshell force Russia and China closer together, creating a trade alliance that America has turned their back on, cause the dear leaders has a “gut instinct”. Wonder if that’s the same gut that went bankrupt so many times no bank with any integrity would touch him.

That man is not qualified for such an important role, and money most certainly does not make you a “stable genius” – it just means you can say it whenever you want and no one around you will say anything to correct you.

At some point I have to wonder if he realized the implications of that office?

Well, if he didn’t, he should have. Things do not stay hidden for long in that storied swamp – I imagine there are those in that place that can smell the blood of a dirty politico a mile off.

And greed is Trumps Achilles heel, hands down.

And yes, I do believe there are definitely those who saw Trump coming, and saw an opportunity – his naivete at the inner workings of Washington being his key feature – his complete incompetence was an asset, cause an ignorant wealthy man is worth his weight in gold. Greed of course coming in a close second, and is always useful to those who know how to utilize it. Far easier to work with someone immune to knowledge, with no high and mighty morality, easily spoon-fed whatever it is ya want him to say, do, believe, ego-driven slimeball’s usually are, in the right hands, very easy to manipulate.

Now as I was writing this Mueller made what he hopes is his final statement on the matter. Speaking of Trumps campaign and that there was insufficient evidence to charge or prosecute for a crime in regards the Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. That was his final and probably most important last message, that Russians meddled in that election, that Trump obstructed justice at every turn, and was the reason there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, not just him who DOJ rules prevent them from charging, but to charge anyone with direct conspiracy with the Russians.

Money, money, money, it is in the end all about money, and power, and greed, and capitalist BS that bows down to profit margins. That this man, that commander of chaos down yonder, violated the public trust and that there are no consequences for that? At the very least I guess impeachment will be a stain on him, just like it is for Clinton, like it was for Nixon, and in the end, regardless of what the Senate does, or doesn’t do, that stain will be forever attached to his name.

Sometimes it is not about winning, or losing, it is about integrity, it is not a competition. Maybe it is about faith in the process, and that the means are not about the ends, the means are about the process, and justice, and consequences.

Because otherwise, what a great message to send the future – do what you want, have at’er, America is open for business, rape and pillage to your hearts content, they don’t care.

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