Lessons Learned Whilst Living With a Liar

There is an effigy of his greed and corruption that hangs over everything he touches, as he rages at the bombs of truth. This confluence of ignorance and narcissistic tweets, and in the shadows stands with knowing eyes the ghosts of the founding fathers this 45th has betrayed.

We watch as the swamp creatures that Trump attracts like flies to feces, we view them in their natural habitat, see their true natures, loyalties, crimes and misdemeanours, one by one, the whistle-blower becomes a choir of voices speaking against this madman and his minions.

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

To anyone who still actually believes this man has any other desire than to enrich his own coffers, and those of his accomplices, I have no words. How does one maintain such a level of complete and utter ignorance? Really rather astounding, yet, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Again, and over and over, this moonscape ignorance this president exhibits, as he systematically weakens every single alliance the United States has ever made, every step towards the future, everything this man attracts is laced with corruption born of greed.

Like an electric shock, a repugnant smell tinged with the shade of evil, I reel back. Gorging on this maelstrom of BREAKING NEWS every time I refresh my feed on twitter, and it has become rather nauseating, spellbound by the betrayal and business as usual. Nothing seems to matter to him, nothing.

BOOM! BOOooM! BooOOOM! News bombs drop one by one, more officials are implicated in his schemes of delusional narratives of deep state operatives in complicated and twisting back on itself convoluted tales only an idiot would believe. As unindicted individual 1 grasps desperately to those ego-fuelled conspiracies, like a virus spreading at the speed of a javelin missile, propelled towards his opponents with only his own interests in mind, as his loyalists line up to kiss his f*King ring.

Between divisions, those left and those right, lie individuals he took an oath to serve. He has betrayed his own people by his malignant narcissistic psyche bent solely on self-satisfaction, and empathy and dignity of the lofty office he holds, be damned.

Oh, how I know the mind of a pathological liar. I know, I saw first hand how they use rapid-fire confusion and conceit to conceal their foul thoughts behind a veil of denial and rage. I saw, and I know exactly what their manufactured tales tell, and all the things they wish to hide – self-pity, weakness, self-loathing, the spawn of envy green infests them, eats them whole.

I stand back now in my minds eye, watch him rage in vain against the dying of his feeble light. Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness, but not forgetting. No, I will not lose the lesson that my own liar taught me.

Oh, yes, I know where lies go.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

André Malraux

I know where that easy road they prefer leads, because they are too weak to face the truth, never somehow LEARNED to withstand life’s truth.

I know where denial takes you, whether you want to go there or not.

I know that path to lost causes, the way we tend to go when we are led astray down that yellow brick path to OZ, I know the way, and back again.

I know the ONE thing a liar fears, is truth. Exposed to light of day, how when all their lies are found withering on the ground, how dangerous they can be.

I know how easily their fragility can lure you in.

I know how their self-pity will keep some entrapped.

I also know that the lie one day, told over and over again, becomes such a mask for the truth they can not handle, that even they are lured in, even they come to believe it – and that is when it all falls apart, every single brick in their fake wall.

I know. I know that in the end the only thing to remember is to hold fast to the truth, with every lie, take a hold of the truth. Share the truth. Spread the truth. Correct people who deny the truth.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

adolf hitler

This sort of character wants to flood you with misdirection, they want to change the goal posts. They want you to play by their terms. Fighting every single battle their way, and it wears you down, and this is how they win.

So, carry truth for those others who may fall for the lie. Have empathy for ignorance, don’t let someone steal the narrative, just don’t give them space.

Give them silence, they hate silence. I know.

You can see now in the media bursts he does that Trump is losing his grip. You can see more and more his tweets are refuted, his lies are exposed, one after the other, over and over. More and more Republicans are having to face the hard fact that the man is deranged and dangerous.

Watch them squirm, on interviews across the board, watch them go down the well into absurdity, like that piece on Sunday with Ron Johnson, with @ChuckTodd on Meet The Press.

For now, I suppose we shall have to watch as he completely comes undone, as more and more is exposed, we watch his lies fall flat, exposed to the bright light, the thing he fears most – truth.

“The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.”

 Friedrich Nietzsche

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