In Her Great And Unmatched Wisdom, She Warned What He Would Do

Last week had lunch with dad and MsB. So, my dad is American, him and MsB both voted for Trump, and to my knowledge still support him. And, we do not discuss it. Dad tries, coming at it via Canadian Politics, probably hoping to draw me out; yet I always avoid any mention. Always.

I mean, MsB has been down there her whole life, but dad came up to Canada in the late 60’s, and up until after mom died, lived here in Canada. So, for me it is difficult to wrap my head around how my own father can be so, I don’t know, ignorant? Brain washed? I don’t know, but so very wrong about that man.

I’m not sure if dad understands why I don’t discuss it with him, cause I know he knows I write about it – my sister tells him the things I say. I’ve never told him directly, but only because I WILL NOT let that awful man down yonder in the land of my birth take ONE MORE step in, I will not let his vileness go any deeper into my family.

Anyways, I know that my silence on the issue says more than any truths I may try to persuade them of.

And, I watch today as that pungent smell of corruption wafts from the storied halls of the White House, again. And I can’t help but to question what narrative is at play behind the scenes.

Yes, I think there is a narrative, the defiance and impeachable acts of this president have multiplied and almost seem to follow a planned route, a familiar haze of yonder days peeks out occasionally from the barrage of scandal, and I wonder why? I have to say that it almost seems like there are those who are in theory “re-doing” the Nixon impeachment.

I know that there are those in the right-wing camp who think Nixon got a raw deal – Roger Stone being one of them.

Others, such as Barr, believe that presidents should be above the law, above prosecution, above the constitution, to be basically invested with divine rights to leadership as a monarch would. Above investigation, above reproach, regardless of how bad they are at their job, I guess. Although, presumably only when the president is a republican, because of course they are above reproach.

Which is sort of stunning. Why would they want to be led by such an incompetent coward? Why would they allow someone like him, someone who is so unfit for the job, who lets foreign leaders “roll him”, who breaks promises with an ally and in the process slaughtering thousands of those whom America promised to defend?

They WANT this man leading them? What benefit is there to them in being under the leadership of this incompetent fool?

Why is it ok that this president profits off the presidency, allows foreign leaders to influence his decisions based of business interests?

Oh, ok, well, there is that they often themselves do just the same thing, so there’s that.

They do not care that he lies like a rug, they like that he is a cruel operator with no morality, least as I understand it they don’t seem to care. Yet, don’t they care that he is so easily manipulated and so bad at negotiating? Doesn’t it at least bother them that time and again he causes more problems than he solves? Are they not tired of having to hide from their constitutes and continue to lie for this corrupt and weak individual?

Yet, we watch, wondering how on earth obstructing justice are the actions of an innocent man. How they can actually believe that refusing to comply to any request of the Impeachment inquiry makes him innocent. How on earth they justify that Trump was clearly and openly soliciting aide from a foreign power for the purposes of getting dirt on a political opponent.

The evidence is stark, simple, and backed up by NOT JUST individuals who heard the call, but from the actual rough transcript of the call released by the White House. Like, colour me stunned, but confessing in the squad car to your crime, releasing a video of your crime, let’s say, but then later denying your confession does not erase the original confession, or the evidence you provided of your crime. Right?

That WAS a perfect call – perfect if one wants to get impeached. A beautiful call in that regard, rather lovely and highly impeachable; everything since is just gravy.

It has become this same old tangled web of deception, though, as we once again become entrapped within the web of lies, the chaos that this man kicks up in his wake.

And so as some wallow in their anger, digesting the garbage fed from Fox News and talk radio wingnuts and nutjobs. Engorged on alt-right conspiracies twisting and turning in on itself narratives of complicated lies and unmatched deep state dingbats.

It is stark and illuminating now to read Hillary Clinton’s words, to recognize in them the wisdom born of experience, even so far as warning everyone about Trumps business interests in Turkey influencing his decisions.

Well, now we know what his answer is.

Yet, no one was listening. Probably couldn’t hear her over the deafening chants of BUT HER EMAILS and LOCK HER UP.

Trump, if nothing else, puts to bed the notion that government leadership would be run more effectively by a business person. Seems to me that armchair critics lounging high up in their jet black Manhattan tower who believe they know better than seasoned political science graduates and lawyers who have made it their business to understand constitutional law and foreign affairs subtleties and concerns, for instance, may just be complete morons.

Now we watch as the actions of a man completely out of his league, watch in horror as someone who prefers to remain ignorant, who believes their own “gut” is a better judge than someone whose job it is to use their knowledge and experience to advise presidents. Trump though, of course has gotten rid of anyone who was not inclined to tell him only what he wants to hear, so there’s that. And, not to mention that experienced advisors “gut” instincts would be quantified in fact and not in nutjob conspiracies or profit concerns in regards those countries to which they have a business interest because they decided in their great and unmatched wisdom to not divest themselves of.

But anywho.

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