Meadow At Westminster Ponds

a few lines written today whilst remembering his grey

you come to things walking paths you used to know looking aroundI foundno secrets in the shadowsso far, far awaynow you come to thingsrenewedin your mindlurking behindtheir eyesthat can not hidelooking back at youa face you remembernow different, somehowreflectivelost in yesterday’s fearsthat once upon a time place so, you come to thingsways of looking at myselfanewfrom deep insidewhere the monsters used to hideand stare them … Continue reading a few lines written today whilst remembering his grey

Summer Mornings At The Coves

“The most predominant feature of the sub-watershed, The Coves Ponds, were formed by an abandoned oxbow of the Thames River. Sedimentation from adjacent ravines and infilling by adjacent landowners have now created 3 distinct ponds; the East, West, and South Ponds. “ “The Cove ponds were described by the early explorers to this area in 1796. They are documented in the journals of Major Littlehale, who … Continue reading Summer Mornings At The Coves

Within The Forest Of My Temenos

Euston Meadow ~*~ June 16th, 2015 This forest may be small, yet it is quite lovely, and a favourite of mine to explore. It has this rare and wonderful peaceful sense to it, this woods. With a serenity, I imagine may stem from the relief that it’s finally able to breath, and not smothered under garbage, and god knows what other wounds it has endured over the years. Now, thriving, with grasses blowing in the gentle breezes of late … Continue reading Within The Forest Of My Temenos