Of Spring

A breath in breath out and the Trees are all aglow with the sky so blue This year spring seems to have come so suddenly. Like that old friend, that loved, and cherished friend from days of yore. They sweep right back in, seemingly out of nowhere…and you are filled with such joy for days afterwards. Recalling old times, laughing so much your tummy hurts, … Continue reading Of Spring

Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015

Trapped forever on its own, The Coves are a naturalized set of trails along the old elbow of The Thames River. It can be wild, or restrained, hilly, or grassy trails meandering along the banks. Where wildflowers grow, so do bees, and bugs, butterfly’s and birds; providing a plethora of pollinator, and seed distributors, and other propagators. One can start at Euston Meadow, or park … Continue reading Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015