The Village

When A Village Parades

Sitting here chit-chatting away, completely wrapped up, sipping our beer, and we both heard the jingle of the Mocha Shriners shoes, and sure enough, out through my little hedgerow, through my little Hobbitshire way,  we could make out the brightly coloured fabric of their iconic wardrobe, with those swirling toe shoes causing them to take […]


that day, and why i wore shades

it was the Solstice 2017 and all through the village I could hear dancers on the green with drummers drumming so i drifted that way towards the beauty and joy leaked out through my eyes, is why I wore shades that summers day for WPC   ::   some more of what I saw that day


A Village Aglow

Yesterday was perfect – in every way possible. Perfect. Not too hot, not to cool. A beautiful breeze moved throughout my little abode, brushing away the winter woes. Freshly laundered bed linens hung on Grandma’s wooden cloths dryer all afternoon, soaking in the day. Last night I slumbered upon dreams of fresh summer days, and […]