When A Village Parades

Sitting here chit-chatting away, completely wrapped up, sipping our beer, and we both heard the jingle of the Mocha Shriners shoes, and sure enough, out through my little hedgerow, through my little Hobbitshire way,  we could make out the brightly coloured fabric of their iconic wardrobe, with those swirling toe shoes causing them to take those exaggerated strides. He faded down the way to join … Continue reading When A Village Parades

Village Sketches: The Divine One And His Servant

What is it, exactly, that makes a place charming? What orchestrates those that inhabit these environs of grace. For, tis these idiosyncratic sorts that truly give a place its splendid character. Such as the vignette I came upon yesterday at the end of our (Irish and I) hike along the Thames. As we were strolling down the main thoroughfare, Irish has at this point scrapped … Continue reading Village Sketches: The Divine One And His Servant