The following were shots I took this summer. I was experimenting with the colour isolation feature on my Canon PS S5IS.      {I’m dreaming of a Nikon D5100…just like the one I accidentally read about this morning….. ;-)}

Wild Bergamot
Bee Balm (designer cousin of Wild Bergamot)
Astible ‘Sprite’

To join the challenge: A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Flower

16 thoughts on “Flower

    1. Thank you. Its just an older Canon S5…its not a DSLR…but this thing is a tough cookie….I’ve left it out ALL NIGHT on a deck in the rain 2x…..and its still alive and kicking.


    1. Thank you…I love using that feature on flowers. It isolates little details that otherwise go unnoticed when you see them in all their flashy glory. On the bee balm you can see the tiny droplets of pollin.


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