the wind thru the chimes

sheltered from the gentle rain falling thru zigzaggy leaves of the black walnut tree out here within the in-between of broken things have come new dreams refreshed from the journey and this place of my own creation the spirit sings awaiting on the wind to kiss my chimes as i say goodbye to past desire […]

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Free time was the most precious time, when you should be doing what you loved, or at least slowing down enough to remember what made your life worthwhile and happy.”

Amy Tan, The Bonesetter's Daughter

The Gifts Of The Muse

Oh, I am so fey, so much sometimes that tea-towel in the wind. As the weather warms, the trees all fresh with new green leaves, spring flowers burst out with their pinks & yellows & purples, and as the light rises in the sky, it illuminates so many memories. Good f’n maudlin sometimes. I push […]


Garden Design: Wilding & Whimsy

In June when my sisters family was down I received a high compliment to my efforts. My nieces loved the front garden. When they weren’t either swimming or fishing (which they were 75% of the time), you would find them quietly poking around out front. Lots to see out front too. The collection of plants […]


Garden Design: Eco-Chic

I am inspired by the wild, untamed beauty that surrounds me. Whether its walks down old abandoned roads, or deep in the bush. I am enchanted by old mossy rocks and lovely native Blue Flag Iris‘ at the edge of a swamp. Mother Nature knows her stuff so I take her cue. When we were […]