From Above In An Old Garden

My sister is the fourth generation of our family to own this old garden. GrandmaD say’s she remembers when she was young in the early 1920’s and she would visit her Aunt Jen, she says the gardens then were magnificent; the old climbing roses all lusty and intertwining up the giant trellis’, the “elephant turd” {as my mother so lovely referred to the mound that … Continue reading From Above In An Old Garden


The following were shots I took this summer. I was experimenting with the colour isolation feature on my Canon PS S5IS.      {I’m dreaming of a Nikon D5100…just like the one I accidentally read about this morning….. ;-)} To join the challenge: A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Flower Continue reading Flower

Garden Design: Wilding & Whimsy

In June when my sisters family was down I received a high compliment to my efforts. My nieces loved the front garden. When they weren’t either swimming or fishing (which they were 75% of the time), you would find them quietly poking around out front. Lots to see out front too. The collection of plants out front are shade tolarant, woodland natives and non-native perennials,  … Continue reading Garden Design: Wilding & Whimsy