Words upon words

Walking through silence;
images flashed.
Through unlit halls of learning and illusion.
Dark clouds cross the visions.
A wake of crows drive sparrow over the tree canopy;
and the quiet moon descends.

Dancing round in coals,
poker hot,
a flush of steam rises to the surface.

Words upon words.

In separate domains the cascading individuality                   wrenched from the cage of denial.
At the breath of truth our gazing glances overlook tomorrow.
Masks of life mirror back our reasoned path.

– At this point –
– and here –
– this area at the edge –
this particular aspect –

We had our philosophies caught in our throats?

As the specks enlarge,
becoming gravel,
can we reason?
I can pay.
A box?
A cage? Ok a cage. So I’m in this cage and…

Our reason transcends reality.
Our quiet walks in magical woods create false prophets.

                             The battle is for chaos.

Again chaos?

Spirit is irrelevant.
are irrelevant.

I’m standing here at the brink and this is all your giving me?
Two sticks,
reason and the understanding that no one will ever know what I did.

Who I am.

I …

A spiraling void.
Of letters, numbers, binary code.
Coming up from the depths of decadent chocolate swirls of dragonfly blood.
One million sacrificed to feed a parasite.

but in the tiny insignificant moments my spirit sings to my soul.
The echoes drift through the air,
into the breath of others.
From uncertainty, the layers unfold as a fan.
This upon that.
Sinking up on concerto’s heard from wooden porches.
Listening for dreams on the circuits.
A cacophonic deluge of diatribic litter.
But it soothes.
Awakens membranes.
Some things are so simple in their complexity.

see: Whispers of Wisdom – Vulture

3 thoughts on “Words upon words

  1. That is a very key understanding for me – “Some things are so simple in their complexity.” It has gripped me more and more lately to BE in that very fine place of singularity in me, and from there to look out – yes, to the stars above and the universes in each of the persons whom I meet… thanks for the view inside of (a part) of yours!


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