What Lies Beyond

… the Newfie Neighbours shoulder


Funny thing about this shot is when I took it none of us knew about the fish UNTIL just after I took the picture .. than all 3 of us heard this big SPLASH. Rotten neighbour had got into the lake before us…so I was taking a picture. Well, what a picture ;-)

Fish Ring

This post is for the ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


  1. rose2852

    I took a photo up in the Whitsunday Islands a few years ago and when I looked at it later, there was a whale breaching in the distance. Never saw it when I took the photo!


    1. PaulaB

      Thank you. Our neighbour (in the picture) was so tickled by that shot. We all were. He definitely has become a very well known fish. A lucky fish too…all the old guys that would have known how to catch him are either too old or sick to go out and try. ;-)


    1. PaulaB

      I know, eh? ;-) so totally random to…just clicked the button at the right time…Tim yells “DID YA GET IT”? I’m like get what….he looks at my like I’m nuts and says “THE FISH” “YOU WERE LOOKING RIGHT AT IT”….he’s yelling this in my ear…like I’m a deaf, dumb mute or something. Men and their fish. You’d think I’d took a picture of a magical creature or something.


    1. PaulaB

      Yes it is…we’re not sure what sort of fish…but Yup…a fish…I caught him JUST as he was breaking the surface…Tim actually saw him jump. I just happen to “snap” the lens just at the right time. :)


    1. PaulaB

      Oh, I know, it is still often the topic of many a conversation amongst our Newfie Neigbhours friends…His “fish tale”…. AND the lucky stinker got a picture to boot…great for his “squeeze box” playing Newfie tales round the campfire nights.


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