Old Tombstone

The Butterfly Effect

So Mom… I’m having one of those days. Heck, truth be told it’s just been one of dem weeks. Between this and that of daily life, anniversaries, schedule changes, life changes, weather, ugh… I’m a weary soul. So I’ve found myself holed up here within my abode obsessed this week with a PBS series on African-American genealogies…it’s so very intriguing. I hear these stories, and I see … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect

Walking in Winter

The Bum and I

We are back in the winter of 2000, and as I was leaving work, this old, stinky man latched onto my arm, saying “I think I’m having a heart attack“. And I go REALLY, well sir, you’ve attached yourself to the wrong lass. I’m sorry, yeah right. He was halfway to China and back drunk and more than likely having a panic attack. Whatever it … Continue reading The Bum and I