Stream - Tears of Joy

Gladful Tears

joy that springs forth
from dry, sad eyes
in moments of life
it drifts down empty shores
across the abyss of goodbyes
aloft it soars
capturing wind
into the heart
from the streamful bliss of joy
that plies our soul
with stars
in twinkling energy
then gone, like desire
the waves awash
on nightly deeds
a creed of spontaneity

This post is part of the Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

7 thoughts on “Gladful Tears

  1. I love your poem. I wonder if you need the apostrophe in ply’s, though? If you mean it to be a shortened version of supplies I think maybe “plies” might work. The apostrophe to me implies a sense of possession, and maybe it is just me but that doesn’t seem to fit what I thought you were trying to convey. I also wonder if “then” would be a better word than “than” in “twinkling energy then gone” — of course word choice is personal in poetry and maybe I’m not catching the drift. Your words and thoughts are lovely. Thank you for sharing them!


    1. :) suggest away…and you’re right…plies works better. And I am always getting than and then mixed up.

      And thank you…poetry is a personal thing, but spelling errors are spelling errors ;-)


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