Fall Down Go Boom

And you know what Mom? Wishes do come true.

Whilst I was tidying up outside, and looking damn hot in my red short sleeve sweater shirt and culottes, well who bicycles past my little secret garden? Twiddle-dee, and twiddle-dumn…otherwise known as mystery.texter & and mr.blue.eyes.

The whole thing happened so perfect, I swear, I couldn’t have scripted it better, it was like something I would fantasize, but never actually expect to happen.

The two stop at my path, as they saw I was outside. We did the how ya doin’and yadda yadda. They are both on mountain bikes, and stopped just where my path leads to my front stoop, leaning on their bikes. Mr.blue.eyes has this stupid grin on his face, part embarrassed, part amused, part something else I couldn’t read… and mystery.texter did all the talking – mr.blue.eyes mumbled out some incoherent verbage, but just stood there grinning at me otherwise. I wonder who’s idea it was?

So they swing off and away, and I finish dragging Fred into the house. Well, don’t they return…and this time…with an invitation.

Mystery.texter stops his bike and says “we’re having an outdoor cookout on the fire if you want to come over and join us“.

Oh, dear god Mom, can there be a more perfect scenario? Really? Could there? I think not.

I stood there all friendly and smiling, and respond with “oh, sorry, but no, I have other plans. But thank you“.

The poor little tweebs, and you should have seen their little faces drop. Too bad, so sad, and so I turned around and went back in.

HA! BUT, as I looked back out, I just caught mr.blue.eyes doin’ a header over his bicycle handle bars, right onto the green space the otherside of the parking lot beside my abode.

I couldn’t have blawdy well scripted that more perfectly. What a thrill it is Mom, to actually see his sad face when I said I had other plans, and that he obviously swung back, maybe coming over to say something, but changed his mind I guess and crashed right into the curb. Serves the fucker right. Mystery.texter was already over across the road standing beside his bike, so I know mr.blue.eyes had hung back.

Remember I texted him in late March? Well, if you’ll recall I told him that his window of opportunity with me was closing, and never to be re-opened…did he think I was lying? Nope. I was not lying, and now he knows. Turd face.

I was off to Crossroad Mans for dinner, and I admit I did spend probably too much time making mental lists, pros and cons of each. At the final tally, a little after Midnight, and muchly satisfied with how the evening had transpired, Crossroads Man had taken the lead, and mr.blue.eyes was no where in sight.

Course, Crossroads Man I suppose had an unfair advantage…or perhaps it would be more correct to say that Crossroads Man isn’t an idiot and knows a good thang when he sees it.

After yesterday’s little hissy fit, we’d chatted earlier, and he apologized, as did I. All’s well, as sure I was pissie, I really had no right to be so angry, disappointed sure, angry no. He had a right to be pissie back, but scaulding me verbally as soon as I arrived was maybe alittle uncalled for…and he acknowledged that.

I really do believe I like this one Mom.



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