that river of mine

Thames River At Dorchester -
Thames River at Dorchester in winter, Ontario, Canada

taught me
how to skate
to make friends
to go with the flow
along your banks
i live again

a london bridge -
A train bridge Over the Thames.
The Thames at Blackfriars Bridge -
The Thames River at Harris Park.
Along the Thames, looking east towards downtown
Looking downtown.
dusk at the forks - Downtown London, Ontario, Canada -
Forks of the Thames – Prior to European contact in the 18th century, the present site of London was occupied by several Neutral and Odawa/Ojibwa villages. A native village at the forks of Askunessippi (the antlered river), now called the “Thames River”, was called Kotequogong by the latter two groups. Archaeological investigations in the region indicate that aboriginal people have resided in the area for at least the past post-glacial 10,000 years.  :: Wikipedia ::
me and my river -
Me with my river.

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