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The Great Sh!t Disturber Strikes Again, And More Puppies


Yes, oh, to live in interesting times, eh? Isn’t it fun? Nope, just pick a news station, all-day in your face, and watch away til your head explodes. Sure I partake, although merely in snippets posted online. Try as I might to ignore the diatribe of unbelievable shite that I read, watch, listen to, sometimes as I’m washing the dishes, letting out the dog, and am like “what the f“, Irish generally ignores me, just jogs along in front so she can get outside and chill, in the dirt.

Well, if you’re paying attention at all, that is.

I do admire that sort of fortitude, that good sort blissful ignorance. Busy ignorance? Distracted by something else ignorance? All of that.

In a way, I see that denial as healthy, and clears the cobwebs, basking in the glow of everyday busy, this and that, reading a book and not really caring.

Ignorance of these strange and uncertain times, like the 45th a Russian asset? Oh, and America just might be going straight to hell in a handbag if Putin has his way, some say.

puppy's at play - thetemenosjournal.comThe thing that stands out to me, before I said f it and went and played around with the puppy pics some more, is that the liar-in-chief down yonder seems to be more afraid of Putin then he is of his own DOJ, and I wonder why that is?

What could Putin do to him that makes a possible lengthy jail sentence seem a better option? Makes ya wonder.

Could be just fear, sure, and when in a fear state we don’t always make rational choices, thinking the easier option is the better one, well, if he’s thinking at all, and I question that, I mean, is he thinking?

To do what he did for so many years, as a real estate tycoon, drank it down every day as a tonic, like mana, he lived off it. He must know how to surf the waves of fear.

But not with Putin, not with Russia. Not at this level.

He is incompetent. Not presidential, he can’t do the job.

Standing there in Washington D.C, in that grand house, with all its trappings and having to confront this truth that everybody knows, and believing that you may just not have to if you just deny, deny, deny? That’s the very definition of denial, no?

Well, I know where that story goes, up front and personal, front row seats. Saw what happens when people deny the truth that is staring them right in the face, tickling their nose, and they just turn away. My ex-husband tried to deny his horrible childhood, and Tim died with his denial of his lies. I’ve done it, too, in staying, and trying, and deny, deny, denied it all. But it still lived, it breathed, it grew, it waited.

more puppies - thetemenosjournal.com

Own it.

I believe each of our lives is littered with hidden turns, and bad choices, and judgements, and believing only what you want to believe, what was easy to believe, for your vanity, maybe. Dignity?

But you always face the demon round some other corner, when you least expect it, want it, and it’s bigger, nastier, and not so easy to overcome, feeding off that denial you clenched so fiercely to you for all those years.

The truth is hard, its like I watched lies eat away at people, like cancer.

But, y’all know the POTUS will just go on and deny, deny, deny, one after the other, witch hunt, no collusion, or, today’s was genuinely hilarious, when he went all “I meant to say“.

Oh, I know the song and dance, just hum me a few lines.

Really? Meant to? But, why didn’t he? So terrified standing there beside Putin, shifting, beta pose, head down, shoulders a bit slumped, he couldn’t spit out the words? I’m disappointed in you Putin, naughty boy, I mean, he couldn’t even cough up that much?

The makeup lies afterward, the backtrack, spin spin spin, almost worse than the original capitulation. Weak.

Catch them in it and they just saunter off, nonplussed. He is the perfect asset. And, I saw recently that assets don’t always know they’re assets, well, till it’s too late.

What the heck ya do with an incompetent president? Put him out to pasture? Lock him in the Pentagon? Kick him to the curb and get Pence? That’d be fun.

Throw him in jail? Gag order?

Putin smiled and said to him just as they went out to the cameras from their tête-à-tête in Helsinki, they know everything, good luck with that, and he tripped over what he meant to say? That’s it.

and some more puppies - thetemenosjournal.com

3 thoughts on “The Great Sh!t Disturber Strikes Again, And More Puppies

  1. Those are some REALLY cute puppies.

    We now have a traitor leader. You can’t backtrack treason like that. Can people in court say “Oh, you know, I didn’t MEAN to commit that crime. Can I go now”

    Wow, look at those adorable puppies.

    Anyway, we are stuck with a traitor in the WH. Most Republicans just going about their mean-spirited day like nothing happened & the reporter was at fault. Deranged.

    But I want to tell you that those puppies make me smile!

    Liked by 1 person

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