You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

To my mind, I believe that whoever is manipulating all this, whether it be Russia or a mix of other foreign interests (which I believe is probable), I suspect their meddling is not going to go their way. Quite frankly, it is because, like many before them, they have once again underestimated that American spirit.

“Nothing can illustrate these observations more forcibly, than a recollection of the happy conjuncture of times and circumstances, under which our Republic assumed its rank among the Nations; The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period, the researches of the human mind, after social happiness, have been carried to a great extent, the Treasures of knowledge, acquired by the labours of Philosophers, Sages and Legislatures, through a long succession of years, are laid open for our use, and their collected wisdom may be happily applied in the Establishment of our forms of Government; the free cultivation of Letters, the unbounded extension of Commerce, the progressive refinement of Manners, the growing liberality of sentiment… have had a meliorating influence on mankind and increased the blessings of Society. At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.

[Circular to the States, 8 June 1783 – Writings 26:484–89]” 
― George Washington, Writings

Certainly, no one better then a Canadian knows how annoying Americans can be, with their lofty myths surrounding their creation, their patriotism is found to be a bit overmuch, they have a tendency towards garishness, as I recall my upper New York state Great Uncle who married my Grandmothers sister Lex and his brash manner was often commented on when they visited.

Many wars we have fought with and against one another, often bound together with closeness from our familiar relations, the places we have come from, even though we know all their faults, we also see the passion and heart at their core, and we admire them for that independence of mind and maverick soul. And my Great Uncle I guess made one mean Martini Mom said.

Funny really, but I don’t think Trump understands that about his own people, a man who fails to see the tapestry of what it means to be American. Yet, certainly, from another angle, he is the embodiment of how many view the United States. Makes you wonder, eh? Whoever, or whomever, it is though, I believe they may have missed something.

You notice that he has not once tried to reach out past his loyalists? Seems incapable, actually. That he has never tried to embrace the country as a whole, never tried to unite both sides of this divided country that he leads? Well, if so, it was brief and I missed it. No, instead it would look to all the world as though his objective is to weaken that democratic union of states.

I mean, a campaign is one thing, and during them, many divisions are sown as each candidate compete with one another for the same prize. Afterwards, whoever wins has the difficult task of bridging those divides, it is the hallmark of a strong leader, a strong president, to successfully reach out to ALL the people he leads, not just some. Well, besides the fact it is in their best interest.

For instance, after Obama won the Democratic nomination over Clinton, he made her Secretary of State. Sure, it demonstrated his respect for his opponent, but it was also strategic, as it makes getting on with the business one was elected to do go more smoothly. Good leaders understand that some appeasements must be made in order to get on with more important stuff.

In fact, I think this speaks to the very heart of what makes the 45th so unsuited, inept, incompetent, whatever word you want to use, but he has not the proper, em, temperament for the role.

Regardless of party, regardless of race, religion or creed, the president of the United States is the democratically elected commander in chief, and as such his power lies in his ability to make deals, govern wisely, know when to be diplomatic, when to be brash, when to be more mindful of the opposition in order to get something you may desire. A step farther, that whole art of the deal thang, so far I’d have to say Trump kind of sucks at it, as this prolonged shutdown demonstrates.

And it is the 45ths biggest character fault, he just does not listen, and probably very well could be what ultimately brings him down.

And, a know-it-all is a perfect stooge.

Why? Because they don’t listen to anyone, and because they believe that they know everything, they are exceptionally vulnerable to manipulation with a liberal sprinkling of compliments they are putty in ex-KGB hands.

So, when that man swears up and down he is not a Russia asset, acting all outraged anyone would accuse him of such a thing, I am perfectly prepared to accept that maybe he just doesn’t know he is. I have no problem accepting that, but it ain’t no get outa jail free card either, it just means his ignorance is unindictable, it makes him no less unfit for office.

Trump is too egotistical for his own good, little lone the country he is supposed to be leading. In two years of one gaffe after another, fawning over foes and sabre-rattling at allies, and I think it has become more than obvious whatever his interests are, they are not for the security and welfare of the country he was elected to lead.

“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

[Remarks on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America; Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, February 26, 1962]” 
― John F. Kennedy

As many are saying, this whole wall and the shutdown is smoke and mirrors, a distraction, a lever, a rallying cry to his base. All manner of reasons he’s using the wall for, but it is a distraction from the real issues at hand threatening America. But it pleases the racist core of his base minions. With illegal crossings at the southern border at record lows, with portions of the border already with walled areas, and others requiring maintenance and updates, what does the guy want?

Trump has been dancing around this for close to a month now. I mean, if you went to any lending institution with what we understand right now about what Trump wants, no real business plan and language changing and shifting depending on who he’s talking to, or when he’s talking, tweeting, whatever, seriously, why SHOULD they give him money? Why would anyone give him money for it?

It is widely understood now his current business ’empire’ was in part funded from Russian rubles, not business acumen as he’d like everyone to believe. No American banks would touch him after a slew of bankruptcies in the 1990s. Also, it has been fairly established now, through a number of investigations and such in the public record that he is not a successful businessman, he’s just had a float of cash from his Daddy to coast on from birth.

Regardless of what he wants, or what he thinks, he has not made his case at all, and he’s had almost two years to do so, yet nada until just before the Democrats take over the house?

Yeah, it is a bit suspicious. given the fact a wall, a physical barrier, would take years to build and therefore would not be, can not be, construed as a solution to hold back some fictitious boogeyman at the border. There has been no concrete evidence there is any crisis at the southern border, to begin with, nor that building a wall would stop them, they would just tunnel under, breakthrough, where there is a will there is a way. And it will not stop drugs from coming over the border since the majority of them come through established ports of entry and a wall would do nothing. So, what is this really about?

No, most of us outside that poor little tribe of minions he controls know full well what this is all about, and it is serious shit.

Yet, yet, history tells me that Americans are up for the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing Canadians by any means, but if there is one thing that is different between the two peoples, it’s that Americans have this uncanny ability to pull it out of their arse at the last minute, just when the chips are down, the winds against them, they somehow are never out. Well, rarely.

It is this weird indelible spirit they have, they muster it from some core inside and win the race, make the goal, change the world and you underestimate them at your peril.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt
featured image – public domain
Credit: National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque / Library and Archives Canada

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