Thames Park - London, Ontario, Canada -

A Few Lines Written While Listening To CBC Radio

So, have I mentioned my internet’s been up and down the last while like a hookers knickers? Almost 6 weeks now, but on Saturday night went down completely, I was forced to amuse myself by other means. Oh boredom, and the muses that one goes seeking in the places where you used to play, but that damn device lured you away. It was a reminder, … Continue reading A Few Lines Written While Listening To CBC Radio

Chitter Chatter Lets Get At ‘Er

Suppose I’ve always been a sucker for U.S. politics, as politics in Canada tend to be more staid, diplomatic, rather dry. In the U.S. every election is a grand show that crisscrosses the country, with verbal swipes and scandals and shenanigans lasting for months and months and months. On the other hand, in Canada, after a short campaign, a brief song and dance, sometimes scandal … Continue reading Chitter Chatter Lets Get At ‘Er

Kahuna’s In Their Stockings

After work dodging distracted drivers hurtling through the parking lot on their way home, or to shop, to hell, who knows, I hike as fast as my aching legs, hips and back can manage, through the darkened dinner hour to catch the bus, ideally all in one piece, focused intently on finally returning (retreating?) to my little nook, to home, to this temenos, this sanctuary. … Continue reading Kahuna’s In Their Stockings