mirror and fred

To Be Fey And Shui

In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge | Mirror It’s a trend in gardening to create ‘fairy houses’, ‘fairy places’, and in general creating a sort of Tolkienesque shire-like space. Whilst playing with Feng Shui principals regarding directing energy within a space, and so I have begun to add mirrors to my garden. Beginning with these that Crossroad.Man gave me. A garden can create places … Continue reading To Be Fey And Shui

Joy & Rainy Day Garden Quotes

I love my woodland garden best on rainy days. Each drop is filtered through the Black Walnut above, and I walk along the pathway, admiring each leaf and flower. The play of light as the raindrops settle, illuminating the texture, nature & colour of each. Subtle shifts of light highlight the contrast of leaf, and I imagine the raindrops filtering through the earth towards the … Continue reading Joy & Rainy Day Garden Quotes