Icarus, Compassion and Forgiveness

Icarus, Compassion and Forgiveness. [ thepersianflaw.wordpress.com ] ICARUS Daedalus fashioned two pairs of wings out of wax and feathers for himself and his son. Daedalus tried his wings first, but before taking off from the island, warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, nor too close to the sea, but to follow his path of flight. Overcome by the giddiness that … Continue reading Icarus, Compassion and Forgiveness

Which Way To Peace?

How is Peace achieved? There are no easy answers nor is there one direction that leads towards that elusive thing called peace, and this song recognizes the incongruity that exists even to this day. Yet once that goal is set, once we recognize that differences in opinion are but small things when taken within the context of thousands upon thousands of individuals looking towards the … Continue reading Which Way To Peace?

The spirits are talking silliness thru the wires

According to Jung, at around the age of six or seven we separate and then hide away the parts of ourselves that don’t seem acceptable, that don’t fit in the world around us. [first line from ‘Spirits in the Wires’, by Charles DeLint] I carry a wisp of that little girl still inside. I remember I was not feeling well that day, it was late … Continue reading The spirits are talking silliness thru the wires