I was going to go into this whole eloquent piece on … I honestly have no idea what … but it was going to be BEAUTIFUL. I am blessed with so many good things & good people. I am healthy, I have a roof over my head … and then I saw this picture from February 2012 of Irish getting her toes massaged (last pic below). THAT goofy canine is what I am thankful for. She is so incredibly sweet. She gets worried and comes over and bows her head and I get her furry head all wet. It works though…stops me every time. She just has a way about her; like she’s part mystic and part clown.

May I Suggest: Love & a six-foot leash

20 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. What an adorable dog! I love dogs. There are three running around our house right now, although the puppy, our newest member, is basically confined to whatever room we are in because she broke her leg 2 weeks ago. How do you keep a 4 month old puppy quiet for 3 months? My dog is Kodi, a Black Lab-Coonhound mix who howls on command and on key. He’s a big lovable oaf. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m sorry, I missed this. Thank you for stopping by. Oh they can be a hand full. She has a big problem with other female dogs who walk by. I can always tell, cause she sounds real mean. She’s not mean…but she puts on a good act.


  2. I tried clicking the like button twice, a double like, but it doesn’t work!!! A double like is love, like the love I too share for a dog. Great interpretation of the theme!


    1. Thank you….they certainly have a way about them. Just took her out for a romp around the yard…which of course was all part of her larger plan of getting me to take out for a walk in the freshly fallen snow on this sunny day. :)


      1. Yes .it is good to be alive. Seeing my dad slowing splpiing away in his hospital bed every day has definitely made me realise that you can’t wait for the right moment do what you can today as tomorrow is not ours to depend on.


  3. This I like. I was getting bored with the “I’m thankful for family, blah blah blah” posts. Anybody who isn’t is probably a sociopath, tell me something I don’t know! This was refreshing to read. :)


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