Illusions of Fragility

We often confuse delicate with fragile. Such as this Purple Shamrock [Oxalis triangularis], it’s fragility is all an illusion. It’s delicate beauty hides its inner strength; it’s tuber. I’ve had this little beauty for 20 years — twice I thought I killed it, and twice I was wrong. Meant watering a pot of what looked like dirt for a few weeks, but I just call that faith. ;-)

This is post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

4 thoughts on “Illusions of Fragility

    1. I’ve never been good at flowering indoor plants, accept this little beauty. I gave a piece of it to a friend, and she thought she killed it too…but I told her don’t give up…it will come back. And it did. I think it can be grown outside in the lower states, but it’s not frost hardy.


        1. I bought this one in a little flower shop…I see the green ones, but these purple leaf ones I believe are not as common. A good florist or garden centre could source one. It’s just nice to have something in the room living that’s not green.


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