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Pinnacle of prompts and Yoda speaks

Photo credit: davidyuweb
[spoken by Yoda, Star Wars Trilogy]

That is my “go to” quote, as it has always inspired me. There is truth in the message it whispers, of resolution, but also in its acknowledgment of self. It is establishing boundaries, of self, and of going with your gut.

I never make resolutions for that reason alone. I do not say I’m going to do something, I just go and blawdy well do it. Such is the case with some changes I’ve made in the last couple days to this blog. I have re-made it into what it was destined to be — a place of words, stories, poems, thoughts, experiences and some whispers of wisdom from many voices, ancient and new.

I’ve wove a web of words & links thru both photographs as well as prose, and in so doing I now realize created a cocoon of sorts, sacred ground, a temenos. Over the next days and months I will gradually add more of my journals, and will in the spring or summer create a series from my Grandmothers journals (both sides). The next of those Old Journal posts will be the series, “The Lady of the Cellar“. Other narratives as they present themselves will be posted from those journals, as well as the Early Journals. The schedule will be random and often, dependent on my life and where it takes me.

So Yoda’s teachings, his Shaman-esque characteristics, have always spoke to my soul, my inner “force”. They are the things that happen because you make them so; not by some invisible hand, but by your force, your soul, your whatever you choose to call it.

More in that vein … the following was started  September 27 2012, but finished an hour ago….

Oh! save me from
the monotonous beauty
This Pinnacle of Dreams
It has become like I’m wallowing in cream.

A four-leaf clover
can not take me
to my love.

And, so I am
different dreams.


this is posted as part of the Daily Prompt: Quote Me

8 thoughts on “Pinnacle of prompts and Yoda speaks

    1. Definitely eternal. Interestingly … “he was originally designed by British makeup artist Stuart Freeborn, who based Yoda’s face partly on his own and partly on Albert Einstein’s, as his eyes are supposedly inspired by the latter. ” [Wikipedia]


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