Fortunes In A Box

These rolling hills of the sensuous and the sorrow,
this slippery slope,
my feet are having trouble
keeping everything on course.
I try meandering,
on words
~ like plenteous ~

Slippery Slope

Yet as this sensuous sadness takes ahold,
I go to sleep hopeful,
and awake early
Every day.
Through tears atleast
you know that you are alive.
In grief at birth,
as at death.

Wings Fortunes

Join The Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


  1. Julia

    The photograph is amazing and it really fits the theme ‘Forward’ – I can see myself as a little girl running down that road and everything is blurry because I run so fast…


    1. PaulaB

      Thank you. :) That’s what I was going for. That’s how this hill felt even in a car…it was FUN. You know, this is a photo of the little town a well known Canadian Painter grew up in, Tom Thomson, it’s Leith, Ontario. I’ll post the original on my PaulaB site later today. What you don’t see in this shot, cause it distracted, is that you are actually looking out onto Georgian Bay.


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