back through the quiet village streets after drinking to a new moon in leo with some mead wine we dined on a lovely red sauce and pasta and out the window i spy a Trumpet Vine, so afterward riding home admiring the stars above below me these two wheels that take me a distance from where he had become consequence truth evolved lies lying prostate … Continue reading perspectives

after her

she waited, you know, until the men had left and slipped away with just the women, taking deaths outstretched hand. and now, that she is ashes, and her stories told, and her boys have gone back home, once again he sits there on my velvet settee with our coffee i watch him surrender to the loss of her. Continue reading after her

how i finally opened that [email protected]~n jar of pickles

with just a few bucks in the bank ಥಥ and turn to the fridge for a snack. eyeing them there in the back do i try one more time? four years it has sat there; bought that first week i moved in, tempting me, taunting me. بب one more time, again and again. others have tried, and failed. till smack on the bottom twist, and … Continue reading how i finally opened that [email protected]~n jar of pickles