Old Dog Toys Teach A New Dog Poise

The pint size puppa-roonie and I are settling in, getting used to that empty space in our lives, with Irish gone. Though, bits and pieces of her wuft out from under dressers, and so she is still ever present. Now Pika, I don’t know what she feels, but I will say that when the mobile […]


My Lady Of The Lake, Adieu

She arrived at our door late the night after New Year’s Eve, with one of the residents who’d come up with friends from the city to celebrate. When first I spied them, it was her frosted golden face I saw, eyes with a look of a bit of panic, and to her right our friend. […]


And, We’re Off

Yes, the times have certainly found us, with impeachment on the horizon now, and with the Ukrainian story in mind, let us not forget a couple realities. First off, how bout we just get this one out of the way, we all know Russia plays dirty. Once Putin’s devious little mind is set, on a […]